The Customer Service Revolution

September 17, 2008

September 18, 2008

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Extensive research proves that an increase or decrease in customer satisfaction, not only greatly impacts each individual organization, but has a significant impact on the future health of the economy.

Customers expectations of service are so low that today businesses have a truly fantastic opportunity to gain a superior competitive advantage. Whatever your businessretail, hospitality, business-to-businessit has never been easier to exceed the customers expectation by delivering a memorable experience, says John DiJulius, a leading authority on customer service and best selling author of Whats The Secret? To providing a World-Class Customer Experience (Wiley & Sons April 2008). The companies that have realized this and that make service their value proposition are seeing the return on their investment.

McKinley, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is one of those companies that turned a challenging economic climate into an opportunity. We are obsessive about servicing the customer and have always strived to be a world-class customer service organization, says Karen Andrews, Chief Development Officer. Each year we invest an enormous amount of resources, hours and dollars towards the training and motivation of our associates to ensure they understand our service vision. Andrews recently recruited DiJulius to lead a customer service session to share his expertise with McKinley leadership to augment the companys focus on delivering superior world class service to its customers.

Consumers and businesses will pay a premium when they find companies that put an emphasis on creating strong relationships. Organizations like McKinley, who focus on providing a world-class experience create loyalty and build a bank account of emotional capital with their customers, says DiJulius, President of The DiJulius Group, a consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, that specializes in building world class customer service organizations, working with companies like The Ritz-Carlton, Nordstrom, Lexus, and Starbucks. It is not surprising to see why they are the market leader and retain their customers for as long as they do. It didnt happen by accident. McKinleys commitment to deliver world-class customer service distinguishes them in the market place. Few work at it as laser focused as McKinley.