McKinley Announces Major Gift to Ann Arbor SPARK

November 25, 2013

ANN ARBOR, MI - In a major show of support for Ann Arbor SPARK,Ann Arbors engine for economic development, McKinley announced a major gift commitment of $500,000 over ten years to the organization. SPARK is an organization dedicated to the economic prosperity of the greater Ann Arbor region. Utilizing its skills and knowledge to attract, develop, strengthen, and invest in driving industries to help the Ann Arbor region thrive, SPARK plays a significant role in advancing the economy in the region. The 10 year gift has a value in excess of $500,000 and is one of the single largest gifts from a private corporation in the history of SPARK.

"We are excited to publicly announce a 10 year commitment to provide SPARK with a significant gift of support allowing them to operate in Class A office space right in the heart of Ann Arbor's technology and innovation corridor," stated Albert M. Berriz McKinley's CEO. "Ann Arbor is our home town, our kids grew up here, our business thrives here, and we are committed to growing GDP and jobs in the region. We believe there is no better way to do this than via SPARK. They are a world class organization, and a best in class economic driver for the region," added Berriz.

The Bank of Ann Arbor has been involved with SPARK since its formation as a founding contributor and annually since, said Tim Marshall, President, Bank of Ann Arbor, and board chair, Ann Arbor SPARK. It is a collaborative effort together with the private sector, local municipalities, and our major universities and community college all contributing time and resources to promote SPARKs many successes, and we are grateful to McKinley for their tremendous support, shared Marshall. The growth in jobs via startup support, attraction efforts, and assisting with expansion of existing companies would not have been possible without SPARK. The team is exceptional and we are fortunate to have such a strong and experienced group of professionals assisting our region in economic development, added Marshall.

"Ann Arbor SPARKs mission is to support growing businesses, and to attract companies and investment, said Paul Krutko, Ann Arbor SPARK president and CEO. A strong economy is ripe with jobs and investments, and Ann Arbor SPARK is committed to driving that economic growth here in our region. A public-private partnership is the backbone of Ann Arbor SPARKs work; McKinley's support of Ann Arbor SPARK recognizes the important role that the private sector, especially leading businesses, plays in growing our economy.

McKinley has been a major partner and investor with SPARK since its inception and this gift demonstrates McKinleys major commitment to the long term sustainability and viability of the organization.