November 26, 2012

ANN ARBOR, MI - McKinley's Ted Bott has been promoted to Regional Director Operations, Florida. Mr. Bott began his career with McKinley in Ann Arbor in early 2010, seamlessly moving through the ranks from senior sales associate to property management before garnering this latest promotion announced today.

"Ted has a very keen understanding of what it takes to be successful at McKinley and he freely shares this knowledge with his teams," states Albert L. Berriz, Managing Director, Residential Real Estate. "Ted's intelligence and work ethic enable him to be an incredible problem solver and advocate for our customers," says Berriz.

Ted will assume his role as Regional Director, Operations in Florida in January 2013.

McKinley congratulates Ted Bott on this very well deserved promotion.

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November 26, 2012

ANN ARBOR, MI McKinley announces the promotion of Ken Ford to Associate Director, Operations, Indiana/Illinois. Mr. Ford joined McKinley as Community Manager in 2011, operating Brandywine and The Courts in Indianapolis/Carmel, Indiana.

"Ken is an independent and decisive leader," states Albert L. Berriz, Managing Director, Residential Real Estate. "He delivers results and has strong moral principles which is something I greatly admire and respect," says Berriz.

Ford will lead all of McKinley's owned properties in Indiana & Illinois, including Carmel Woods, Brandywine, The Courts, Hessel, Champaign House, & Westbury.

Please join McKinley in congratulating Ken Ford on his well deserved promotion as he assumes this new leadership role in Illinois and Indiana.

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November 25, 2012

Ann Arbor, MIMcKinleyannounced today that they haveacquiredTraver Knoll Apartments, a 216 unit garden apartment community on the north side of Ann Arbor.With this acquisition,McKinley now owns more than 5,300 units in theregion, a dominant footprint in this vibrant market.

"Ann Arbor is the economic engine of theMidwest. It's a college, medical and research powerhouse that is fundamentally recession proof because of the 'jobs creator' thatthe University of Michigan has becomefor the region,"said Albert M. Berriz, CEO of McKinley. Berriz added..."We areextremelycommitted to Ann Arbor, the region is enjoying an influx ofGen Y graduates and new economy workforce workersseeking to live here based upon thearea'soverall economic health, entrepreneurial activity, access togreatarts and leisureas well asa quality of life that is second to none.As a matter of fact, the north side communities of Ann Arbor are the best performing communities in our entire Midwest US portfolioandthis acquisition willhelpfurther solidify our position in the marketplace."

McKinley continues to make strategic acquisitions throughout its 25 state platform for its own account and for its institutional clients and partners. In addition to Ann Arbor, the major focus of growth has been along the I-85 Corridor from Maryland to Georgia, the I-4 corridor from Tampa to Orlando, Texas and Nevada.

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November 25, 2012

ANN ARBOR, MI McKinleys Commercial Client Services division has successfully disposed of another asset on behalf of our client. McKinley wasappointedmanager of West Acres, a95,089 squarefoot VG'sgroceryanchored retail center in Flint Township, Michigan on January 10, 2012. The Commercial Client Services team reduced expenses and increased NOI whilesimultaneously stabilizing the rent roll,enabling another successful disposition.

"We are very pleased to add another successful chapter to the McKinley Commercial Client Services track record, and are also pleased with the result on behalf of our important client." commented Matt Mason, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Real Estate at McKinley.

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November 13, 2012

"I am proud of Alex and her accomplished history in the industry, states Berriz. With her many years of experience, energetic leadership style and tireless dedication, I know much will be accomplished during her tenure as Chair of the Board of the National Apartment Association."

Alex joined McKinley in May of this year, following a dozen years as President of Buckingham Realty in Indianapolis. She has a 35 plus year history in multi-family housing, and is known for her hard work, dedication and quick wit.

"Alex has an extraordinary ability to connect with people, states Albert M. Berriz. Secondly, she is an excellent mentor and educator, both in the classroom and in the office. Alex is also a risk taker, which creates opportunity. "Alex has already made some bold moves, Berriz says, "I appreciate her bold approach."

Jackiw, who earned her Masters of Education from Ohio University, was the 2008-2009 NAA Education Institute (NAAEI) President, chaired the 2011 NAA Education Conference Committee, and served as a member of NAAs Legislative, Strategic Compliance and Budget and Finance Committees. She has also served as a member of Indiana Apartment Association (IAA)s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

"We congratulate Alex on her newest appointment with the National Apartment Association and wish her every success in her role as Chair of the Board," states Berriz.

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