Why Work at McKinley

You are looking for advancement opportunities:

McKinley tries to promote from within whenever possible. This gives employees ample room and opportunities for growth. Many of our longest tenured employees have held multiple roles as their careers have grown with us. Our expansion and growth in our current markets truly leads to exciting opportunities and unlimited potential for our current and future employees.


You are looking to further your education in your field

McKinley helps pay tuition for courses at accredited institutions to allow employees to prepare for other opportunities with McKinley and to further develop in their current positions.


You share our Core Values

WOW! Customer Service

McKinley has adopted a passion for customer service, and we’ve built an expectation in our industry of providing service that is second to none. We have hired a team of employees who seek to WOW! our customers in every single interaction they have through the course of a day.

Drive for Results

We set challenging and attainable goals for our business teams and we expect our team members to reach those goals. It is this drive for results that makes McKinley a world-class real estate organization.

Can-Do Attitude

As with any real estate organization, our team members never know what challenges and opportunities a new day may bring. That’s why it’s imperative that all of our team members exhibit an optimistic and enthusiastic approach to every situation they encounter.


The real estate industry is dynamic in nature and those organizations that are slow to react and change are organizations that will struggle to be successful. McKinley has developed a highly entrepreneurial spirit which emphasizes the need to recognize opportunities and to move quickly when an opportunity presents itself. This also requires us to work at a lightning-fast pace and to be comfortable with shifting our focus as business needs change.


Adroit can be defined as “having or showing skill, cleverness or resourcefulness in handling situations.” This can also simply be defined as thinking “outside of the box”. McKinley is capable of providing extraordinary results in challenging situations because we encourage our team members to come up with creative solutions that lead to exceptional service.