McKinley Culture

McKinley Culture

We’re passionate about service

At McKinley, customer service is our passion. We foster a work environment that empowers our employees to make decisions and take independent actions when the end result will benefit the customer and the organization. We know that great service requires a great attitude, patience, perseverance, creativity and the ability to make decisions quickly. It is this measured risk-taking, on behalf of all McKinley employees, which allows McKinley to always find a better way. For that reason, every employee at McKinley has the ability to create a positive impact on their team, in their community and, ultimately, on our bottom line. 

We move quickly

The real estate industry is dynamic and the most successful organizations in our industry have the vision and the ability to shift and change as quickly as our industry does. McKinley has that ability. 

We are a group of real estate professionals who recognize that we need to be able to reprioritize, strategize and mobilize on a moment’s notice in order to reach our business goals. This requires that all employees on our team are capable of producing quality work quickly and are comfortable with constantly changing objectives. This is a challenging and rewarding work environment which, admittedly, is not for everyone. However, if the thought of working hard and producing exceptional business results excites you, then you might be a great fit for us.

We have high expectations

We are a world-class real estate organization and we feel confident that we can produce exceptional business results in every situation. In order to consistently achieve exceptional results, we hold our employees to the highest standard in regards to professionalism, communication, customer service, team work and, simply, the ability to get the job done. 

We have created and fostered a company culture that is centered around open, two-way communication at every level of our organization. We make sure that every employee entering our organization has a clear understanding of what is expected of them from day one. We maintain an open-door environment so that every employee feels welcome to ask questions or give feedback. At McKinley, we recognize that all of our employees have a true desire to be successful and we focus on providing our team members with the tools and the resources they need in order to meet our expectations.

We enjoy coming to work

​At most companies, hard work is a given. That’s certainly true at McKinley, but we also pride ourselves on being an organization that celebrates the successes of one and all, and we have a little bit of fun every day. 

We encourage our teams to get to know each other and to spend time together away from the office through team lunches, team summits and annual picnics. From time to time, our leadership team members will drop by a community with pizza or ice cream as a quick “thank you” for all of the hard work the team puts forth. 

We also encourage and support each other through our wellness initiatives. We participate in challenges as teams and participate in friendly competitions that promote health and wellness. 

Lastly, we’re social! We encourage all of our employees to connect with one another through social media channels. We think this is a fun and creative way for our employees to connect with one another and to share McKinley news. 

Core Values

WOW! Customer Service

McKinley has adopted a passion for customer service and we’ve built an expectation in our industry of providing service that is second to none.  In order to meet that expectation consistently, we’ve hired and developed a team of employees who seek to WOW! our customers in every single interaction they have through the course of a day.

We don’t just provide ordinary customer service…we provide extraordinary service.

Drive for Results

At McKinley, we are passionately persistent in achieving business results. We set challenging and attainable goals for our business teams and we expect our team members to reach those goals through initiative, focus, planning and follow-through. It is this drive for results that makes McKinley a world-class real estate organization.

Can-Do Attitude

As with any real estate organization, our team members never know what challenges and opportunities a new day may bring. That’s why it’s imperative that all of our team members exhibit an optimistic and enthusiastic approach to every situation they encounter.


The real estate industry is dynamic in nature and those organizations that are slow to react and change are organizations that will struggle to be successful. For that reason, McKinley has developed a highly entrepreneurial spirit which emphasizes the need to recognize opportunities and to move quickly when an opportunity presents itself. This entrepreneurial spirit also requires us to work at a lightning-fast pace and to be comfortable with shifting our focus as business needs change.


Adroit can be defined as “having or showing skill, cleverness or resourcefulness in handling situations.” This can also simply be defined as thinking “outside of the box”. McKinley is capable of providing extraordinary results in challenging situations because we encourage our team members to come up with creative solutions that lead to exceptional service. We recognize the value of the experience and knowledge that our employees bring to the table and we take full advantage of those tremendous resources by empowering our teams to solve problems and suggest improvements. Creativity, resourcefulness and innovation allow us to make the impossible, possible.