March 7, 2012

McKinley Family,

We had a very serious fire at our Champaign House community on Saturday. Fortunately, there were no injuries and our team reacted magnificently! Jonathan Merkles response to this ordeal, both at the time of the fire and its aftermath, was truly exceptional.

The sequence of events is worth sharing because its an outstanding example of how to react to such a crisis.

Two of our buildings were evacuated as the Fire Department responded. Jonathan and other staff members arrived immediately and remained onsite to communicate with our residents during the three and a half hours it took the Fire Department to complete their operations. During this time, Jonathan worked with the American Red Cross and a local hotel to secure accommodations for two displaced families. Once the fire was extinguished and the smoke was cleared, Jonathan and his team ensured the safety and comfort of the evacuated residents by inspecting each apartment in the affected building for possible carbon monoxide build up, smoke damage, and potential electrical hazards.

After the chaos subsided, Jonathan took pictures of the damage and sent Jeff Ball, Albert, and myself a detailed report of the incident, and its scope of impact on the community. Later in the evening he cooperated with the investigator to gather information on the cause of the fire.

In the aftermath of the fire, Jonathan continued to follow-up with the displaced residents. He communicated with the residents insurance company so that our maintenance team could coordinate with them to secure and care for valuables left in the damaged apartments. Within 24 hours, Jonathan met again with one of the displaced families to create a solution for their housing needs by arranging a transfer to our Westbury Townhomes community. Just today, when this family mentioned they were unhappy with their insurance companys choice for temporary accommodations, Jonathan helped with recommendations for alternate hotels with suites.

Despite a very challenging week, the team continues to focus on basic operations: leasing apartments, executing turns, onboarding new team members, renewing leases, and completing work orders. Many thanks to Jonathan and his team for all the professionalism, patience, and care they have shown our residents in Champaign this week!

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March 7, 2012

FORT WAYNE, INDIANAMcKinley ispleased to announce that it has beenretained as the property manager and asset manager for Park 3000, a 76,175 square foot office building in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The building is fully leased and occupied by Brown Mackie College,a 27 campus national college specializing in nursing, business and technology, legal studies, and veterinary technology. "We have exceptional McKinley team members in position throughout Indiana and know it very well, having been in that market since 1982," said Matt Mason, Managing Director Commercial Client Services. "We are confident we will add significant value to our client, Brown Mackie College, and the Fort Wayne community, and we are thrilled for this opportunity" Mason goes on to say.

McKinley has significant multi-family and commercial holdings in Indiana, as well as a significant management portfolio for its select institutional clientele. We appreciated the opportunity to be involved in the management of this asset on behalf of all of the stakeholders, states Albert M. Berriz,Chief Executive Officer of McKinley.

For more information regarding McKinley Client Services please contact Kenneth P. Polsinelli, Chief Real Estate Officer at734.769.8520ext. 230.

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March 6, 2012

Dear McKinley Family,

Michelle Miranda joined the McKinley Family almost 5 years ago as a summer seasonal leasing consultant at Park Place Apartments in Ann Arbor, MI. It was quickly apparent that Michelle had a passion for helping customers and a remarkable drive for results. Her knowledge of life on the University of Michigan campus and bilingual skills allowed Michelle to connect with her customers in a very genuine and caring way. Michelle soon became not only a permanent part of our team as a Leasing Consultant and then SSA, but a top performer within the Owned Residential portfolio nationwide.

As an SSA, Michelle has received several recognitions for her sales results such as VPC winner and March Madness MVP. But above all else, Michelle has set herself apart with her unique talent for delivering a customer experience which creates both loyalty and value for our residents. Michelle was responsible for achieving a 63% retention rate with an average increase of $35.92 with her renewals in 2011!

Recently, Michelle has taken on the challenge of becoming our first ever Resident Retention Specialist, allowing her to focus 100% of her attention on taking care of our residents. In Michelle's role, she is responsible for building almost 1,200 relationships with our residents within four different communities in Ann Arbor. So far this year, Michelle has already signed 183 renewals with an average increase of $56.19! The value that Michelle adds to our residents' lives it truly remarkable!

Lease, Renew, Serve. Michelle Miranda is McKinley!

Thank You (Muchas Gracias) Michelle!

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March 4, 2012

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONAMcKinley ispleased to announce that it has begun asset and property management oftheShea Scottsdale Shopping Center & Shea Scottsdale East Shopping Center. The retail centers are a combined 277,254 square feet and are well located at a busy intersection in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tenants at Shea Scottsdale include Safeway grocery, CVS/pharmacy, and Harkins Theatres.

Shea Scottsdale is a major component in McKinleys western expansion of its commercial client service business which includes Texas, Nevada and Arizona. We are very excited to add Shea to our commercial portfolio, and we have placed trusted long term team members in position to be able to execute in typical flawless McKinley style, said Matthew Mason, Managing Director Commercial Client Services, and we have many other important projects in the works that we will be announcing shortly, Mason goes on to say.

McKinleys Commercial Client Services manages over 10 million square feet of office and retail for select institutional clientele. It operates across a 25 state platform with a focus on complex workouts, repositioning, redevelopments and intense lease-ups.

We are excited to have the opportunity to apply our proven track record of success to assist with these assets. Im confident that by applying our teams passion and expertise, we will be able to enrich the quality of life and create value for all of the stakeholders, states Albert M. Berriz, Chief Executive Officer.

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March 4, 2012

Joey Dawkins started with McKinley in August of 2009 as a Maintenance Tech II atWaterfordat Mandarin in Jacksonville. He came to McKinley with significant experience in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, drywall and general maintenance work. He was HVAC and CPO certified.

After completing the lease-up atWaterford, Joey accepted a transfer toOrlandoto become the Maintenance Supervisor at Highland Oaks Apartments. In this position, he oversaw the completion of units for the lease-up as well as several capital projects. After completing the lease-up at Highland Oaks and assisting with the SunBay takeover and training of new employees, Joey spent time with our Florida LTM team working on preparing units for move-in and completing site projects. In November 2010, Joey accepted another transfer and assumed the position of Maintenance Supervisor at Magnolia Place Apartments inGainesville. This is a fractured condominium workout for a very valued client, and the residents have very high expectations for the level of service they expect. He and his team have exceeded those expectations at all times. Its been a huge home run for everyone!

While Joey has eagerly taken on each new position and challenge presented to him, he has also volunteered and assisted us with each RCS Florida takeover as it has come up. He has screened, hired and trained maintenance personnel at various sites and when asked about whether or not he can do something, his response is always Sure I can

Joey constantly works non-stop doing great things! Joey consistently reminds co-workers and new employees about McKinleys high standards and has met every challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism. Bottom line Joey is McKinley!

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March 4, 2012

Dear McKinley Family,

Collection results are on a significant upswing this month in our Owned Portfolio. We have some really nice turnarounds throughout Michigan, with three outstanding CSMs delivering near record results for their communities: Andrea Summers at Schooner Cove (99.6%), Diane Steeg at The Villas (97.24%), and Jeanette Kearny at Evergreen (98.4%). Andrea, Diane and Jeanette are truly McKinley superstars!

We have a fourth CSM that is responsible for our most dramatic turnaround. Allia Grove has been our CSM at The Barrington for exactly one year this week. Recently Dan Martin took the lead to make some very positive changes, and with those changes Allia has assumed an over the top, empowered and enthusiastic attitude toward her goals. Dan says her positive engagement with residents has skyrocketed they love her!

Everyday, Allia speak with residents on the phone. Everyday, Allia knocks on doors. Everyday, she communicates with residents through letters and email. And throughout everyday, Allia checks in with Dan to see how much her much her collection percentage has risen. She has been in constant celebration mode for over a month now and the results are truly impressive. She glows and exudes McKinley!

Allia ends February with a record at The Barrington, collecting at 97.6%! Next month she will be knocking on the door of 99%!

Andrea, Diane, Jeanette and Allia are McKinley!

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March 4, 2012

Keith Roseis a Senior Maintenance Supervisor with the Commercial Owned Portfolio in Michigan and is specifically responsible for the Michigan Orthopedic Center and the Michigan Heart and Vascular Institute located on the St. Joseph Mercy Health System Ann Arbor Campus.

Keith just recently reached his 15 year anniversary with McKinley and while his maintenance skills are highly developed, his customer service skills are out of this world. Keith is always looking for ways to better serve our tenants needs.

The physician owners of the buildings expect high-level service and they always get it from Keith. Last summer, the Michigan Heart and Vascular Institute was crippled by a transformer outage on a Thursday afternoon. The building was without many of its lights and the HVAC system was rendered useless. Keith literally worked day and night until the replacement transformer was up and running. This amazing effort allowed the physicians to be back at work on Monday morning, seeing patients as if nothing had ever gone wrong!

Keith is a key player on the Commercial Owned team where his contributions continue to be substantial. Please join me in celebrating a wonderful teammate Keith Rose

Keith is McKinley!

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March 4, 2012

You may not know that Joel started as a groundskeeper at Lake in the Woods, a very large and complex residential workout we did for Freddie Mac in 2002. He started working for Don Golec, and he did anything Don asked him to do. Joel was going to school at the time, and he was a quick study for all things property management. Fast forward 10 years Today Joel is the Property Manager at Southgate Mall in Maple Heights, OH. Joel has also done a top notch job with the Ashtabula Mall takeover for C-III and he is now in the trenches with Scott Gray in Scottsdale, AZ shining up our newest retail asset for Karlin Real Estate. He is a McKinley team player through and through. Joel exhibits his willingness and flexibility working on challenging assets and brings new and fresh ideas to the table for his team to think about and implement. I have always enjoyed Joels talent for developing his team and wanting to instill McKinleys core values to those who are new to our culture.

Last year during the hurricane that hit Norfolk, Hoby and Joel were at the center of the storm leading our response team on the ground at Janaf Shopping Center!

I am grateful to have him on our CCS team and Im excited to see him grow with the new opportunities coming in the West! But for those of you asking how I go from groundskeeper to commercial property management executive, just reach out to Joel and he will have lots to share!

Joel Evans is McKinley!

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February 19, 2012

Read this great article from about McKinley repositioning a 294 unit apartment community in Miami, Florida!

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