The Parks is WOW!

June 29, 2011

Dear Team RCS,

I had the privilege of visiting with Deena Hoxsey and Clint Hall yesterday at their gorgeous property in Taylor, Michigan, The Parks. Quite simply, it was the best presentation I have ever seen at The Parks. It was spectacular! Never better!


Clint and Deena launched a Property Beautification Project this Spring where they purchased pallets of mulch and grass seed and invited residents to come help themselves to beautify the landscaping outside their doors. The result was magnificent! The grass was green and filled in, and there were flowers and fresh mulch everywhere! I was totally wowed! Clint and his team did the market window, which was breathtaking!


In addition, Clints maintenance shop was the most organized, clean and well functioning I have ever seen at The Parks. He has completely turned it around and the pride on his face told the whole story.


Not surprisingly, Deenas all star sales team had very little to sell, and theyre closing out the last few. J


Thank you, Deena and Clint!! WOW!!!


Karen Andrews, SPHR

Chief Development Officer

McKinley, Inc.

(734) 769-8520 ext. 294