Michelle is McKinley!

March 6, 2012

Dear McKinley Family,

Michelle Miranda joined the McKinley Family almost 5 years ago as a summer seasonal leasing consultant at Park Place Apartments in Ann Arbor, MI. It was quickly apparent that Michelle had a passion for helping customers and a remarkable drive for results. Her knowledge of life on the University of Michigan campus and bilingual skills allowed Michelle to connect with her customers in a very genuine and caring way. Michelle soon became not only a permanent part of our team as a Leasing Consultant and then SSA, but a top performer within the Owned Residential portfolio nationwide.

As an SSA, Michelle has received several recognitions for her sales results such as VPC winner and March Madness MVP. But above all else, Michelle has set herself apart with her unique talent for delivering a customer experience which creates both loyalty and value for our residents. Michelle was responsible for achieving a 63% retention rate with an average increase of $35.92 with her renewals in 2011!

Recently, Michelle has taken on the challenge of becoming our first ever Resident Retention Specialist, allowing her to focus 100% of her attention on taking care of our residents. In Michelle's role, she is responsible for building almost 1,200 relationships with our residents within four different communities in Ann Arbor. So far this year, Michelle has already signed 183 renewals with an average increase of $56.19! The value that Michelle adds to our residents' lives it truly remarkable!

Lease, Renew, Serve. Michelle Miranda is McKinley!

Thank You (Muchas Gracias) Michelle!