McKinley Unveils Newest Mural by TreeTown Murals At Grand Reveal Party

August 4, 2015

McKinley is pleased to unveil its newest mural in Ann Arbor which focuses on McKinley’s Culture.  The mural is displayed on the south side of the McKinley Corporate Center and was designed and executed by TreeTown Murals. 

Mary Thiefels, and the TreeTown Mural team, began work on the enormous 42’(w) x 47’(h) mural on July 1st by projecting their sketch from the laundry roof top.  In less than a month the TreeTown Mural team was able to bring McKinley’s vision of live, work, shop and play to reality.  The composition contains multiple dynamic viewing angles that can be seen from different points in the city, creating a unique experience for all who view the piece.

McKinley was honored to host a Grand Reveal party to celebrate the beautiful masterpiece on Monday, August 3rd, 2015.  Many people joined the celebration and enjoyed live music, refreshments as well as a description from the Artist.


"Mary has captured who we are in this mural. It's an exceptional representation of our culture, our people, and our business nationwide,” stated Albert M. Berriz, Chief Executive Officer.  “We are very grateful for our partnership with Mary, and we are pleased to share this important work of art with the Ann Arbor community for many years to come," shared Berriz.

"It has been an awesome experience being able to collaborate with McKinley on this mural project.  We were handed a number of new and exciting challenges, ones that have made us a stronger public art company.  We hope for this mural to further enhance our vibrant city and offer new excitement, wonder, and awe to all who stumble upon it," shared Mary Thiefels.

A Special thanks goes out to the Ann Arbor Public Library, Q LTD and Eureka Organic Cleaners.

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