July 1, 2012

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Albert M. Berriz, CEO and Alexandra Jackiw, Vice President and Managing Director Residential Client Services of McKinley announced today that they have hired Therese Cochran as Director of Student Housing Services to lead McKinley's new Purpose Built Student Housing platform. While this is a new addition to McKinley's current real estate platform, McKinley's roots run deep in student housing having started as a student housing operator in 1968. McKinley has also followed an acquisition strategy of buying quality garden apartments in tertiary college student markets like Ann Arbor, Champaign, and Gainesville throughout its history.

"Alexandra Jackiw and Therese Cochran are highly respected leaders in purpose built student housing, as well as having extensive experience in managing high quality assets and receiverships nationwide," said Albert Berriz, CEO of McKinley. "Our new Purpose Built Student Housing platform is a natural enhancement to our core apartment business since most of our communities are built in college towns and the McKinley marketing team is a leader in social media and tribe marketing which is extremely crucial for these customers."

"Therese and I look forward to building out a great new addition to the McKinley real estate platform," commented Alexandra Jackiw. "Therese and I have worked successfully together and are excited to have the opportunity to lead and create a new successful real estate group for McKinley in the student housing industry."

"I too am excited about the opportunity ahead and again look forward to working with Alexandra Jackiw," exclaimed Therese Cochran, the new Director of Student Housing Services for McKinley. "Alex and I have been presented with a great opportunity and we look forward to working together to make McKinley a leader in the student housing industry."