Exciting Career Opportunity Within Owned Residential

July 23, 2012

Dear McKinley Family,

I am excited to announce a new opportunity and role for career growth: Associate Director of Operations. These will be critical leadership positions within Owned Residential, reporting directly to me, responsible for achieving specific operational targets, delivering financial results, and solving problems in the field at our communities every week. In this role, you will partner very closely with Betsy, Chris, Hugh, Brent, & I to receive assignments and execute on deliverables.

In order to be considered for this position you must be or become a Community Manager and produce excellent results consistently.

Excellence in the Community Manager role is measured through performance within monthly missions (Silver, Gold, Platinum), quarterly financial results, renewal performance, and physical community/product appearance. I also look for great communicators, including staying connected to leadership on a regular basis, providing insightful feedback to team members, and building a cohesive team through clarity of purpose and responsibilities.

Associate Directors will be assignment/project based instead of portfolio based. In other words, instead of having a static set of properties that you are responsible for over time, you would be given new assignments at different locations each week or month based on the needs of the business. I will be looking for Associate Directors in both the North & South, so geography is not a limitation for anyone.

I have included below a snapshot of important qualifications. You can also use this as a roadmap for your personal development.

Qualifications & Responsibilities:

#1 - Has consistently delivered excellent results as a Community Manager at McKinley.

#2 - Evaluates performance of their own team and team members objectively and critically.

#3 - Delivers high quality written and verbal feedback in a constructive way. Does so frequently.

#4 - Mastery of best practices across all operational topics (sales, renewals, work orders, turns, expenses, collections) and the ability to hold others accountable to these standards.

#5 - Needs to be very organized and have a high degree of follow through; there can be no slack in the execution of objectives.

#6 - Leads by example through outstanding customer service.

#7 - Takes direction and feedback very well, craving learning opportunities and personal development.

#8 - Demonstrates a very clear understanding of expectations for product excellence.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please let me know so that we can discuss next steps. Whether you believe you are ready now, or want to be there in 3, 6, 12 months, I am excited to hear from you to discuss this opportunity!


Albert L. Berriz

Vice President & Managing Director, Residential Real Estate