Cole Taylor Opens Doors at McKinleys Northeast Corporate Center

November 15, 2011

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN McKinleys Commercial Client Services is proud to announce Cole TaylorMortgage has officially opened their doors for business at the Northeast Corporate Center in Ann Arbor. Since Cole Taylors lease signing in July, McKinley has been building out the tenants suite to best meet the needs of their client.

"Working with Cole TaylorMortgage on the lease and build-out has been fantastic. They are incredibly passionate about their company andmaking sure the office is a good fit forits employees. Northeast Corporate Center has seen tremendous success over the past couple of years. With the addition of Cole Taylor Mortgage, it becomes an even more attractive opportunity for potential tenants," stated Lauren Dritz, McKinleys Director of Commercial Portfolio Management.

Led by Willie Newman, head of Cole Taylor Banks mortgage division, Cole TaylorMortgage is running its operation in almost 28,000 square feet at 2350 Green Road, which is bordered by Plymouth Road to the South and Interstate 23 to the East. They will be sharing the building with Piolax Corporation, Michigan Multispecialty Physicians, NetEnrich, and Enovio. Cole Taylor Mortgage brings over 120 employees to Ann Arbor from its Whitmore Lake location.

McKinley CEO Albert Berriz added, "We are excited to welcome Willie Newman and his Cole Taylor Mortgage team back to Ann Arbor. Willie has a proven track record of entrepreneurial success stories and adding jobs in our community, and we celebrate that again here".

For more information on McKinleys Commercial Client Services and Property Management, please contact Matthew D. Mason at 734-769-8520 x267.