ANN ARBOR, MI Albert M. Berriz Expands New Leadership and CEO Report Roles to Position Company for 2020 and Beyond

October 26, 2010

For Immediate Release

McKinley CEO, Albert Berriz, announced on Sunday that Thomas Shanabruch, Joanna Dettling, Albert L. Berriz, Ping Dai, Tom Gritter and Matthew D. Mason have agreed to make a greater commitment to the long-term vision of McKinley by taking on major CEO report roles as well as new leadership positions with the organization.

Addressing the long-term vision, Berriz noted, We continue to march forward with our efforts to grow our Residential and Commercial Client Services groups. We also march forward with our Long Term Management and Joint Venture efforts that many of you have heard me speak about with regards to our McKinley 2020 vision. The CEO will be holding town hall meetings internally on the subject.

These promotions reflect McKinleys long-term outlook within the real estate market, the organizations dynamic approach, and (perhaps most importantly) McKinleys commitment to developing already talented adroit people into world-class leaders.

Giving a preview of the steps the CEO will be making over the next year, Berriz outlined how the new leadership positions will function in an email sent to the entire organization:

Thomas Shanabruch - Becomes Vice President & Managing Director - Residential Client Services Group. As a CEO report, Tom leads Residential Client Services and most immediately, Mel Zimmerman will be reporting to Tom. Garrett Hain will report to Tom at a later date once Tom transitions the responsibility of his asset management team. Tom has my complete confidence and he has done all the right things to earn this most important promotion. Expect to see great things from our Residential Client Services Group under Tom's leadership!

Joanna Dettling - Becomes Vice President & Managing Director - Real Estate Services. As a CEO report, Joanna becomes our primary contact to our most sophisticated relationships in our residential client services, residential long-term management, and joint venture worlds. I will be transitioning Joanna's current responsibilities, and that search is well underway. Once that transition is complete, those areas of the business will report to Thomas Shanabruch, and become part of his RCS team. Joanna will Partner with Thomas on client services, with Albert L. Berriz on Long Term Management and with Matt Mason on Joint Venture efforts. Thomas, Albert and Matt will lead the real estate efforts, and Joanna will lead the relationship management efforts with our clients. Joanna is uniquely qualified for this opportunity given her sophisticated financial background; she has my complete support and admiration, and has proven to be a skilled relationship manager. Watch for great things from Joanna!

Albert L Berriz - Vice President & Managing Director - Owned Residential Group will Partner with Joanna on Long Term Management efforts in Florida and leading our McKinley Owned Residential business. Florida is a huge part of our Long Term Management growth, and the Albert/Joanna partnership will be the engine for that growth. The Elements in Orlando and Bloomingdale Woods in Valrico, a suburb of Tampa, are excellent examples of that success. Kelly Schultz as AVP and Regional Director is reporting to Albert leading those efforts. Albert will also partner with Joanna, Thomas, Tom and Matt as we bring major initiatives underway in Owned Residential to the entire McKinley platform. This partnership is very exciting to me on many levels as the innovative work Albert and his team have accomplished goes viral throughout the enterprise!

Matt Mason - Becomes Senior Vice President & Managing Director - Real Estate. Matt has a very special role for our future. In addition to continuing his leadership of Commercial Client Services, Matt now leads our Joint Venture efforts, both commercial and residential. Matt will Partner with Joanna as Matt leads the real estate efforts and Joanna the relationship management efforts on Joint Ventures. Matt is one of my most trusted advisors and executives, and everyone should expect to see great things from Matt as our Joint Ventures become a solid part of our McKinley 2020 future!

We invest in People and Real Estate, and I will always say "People" in that sentence first! The most important part of this announcement is the opportunity it brings for ALL of YOU!

These opportunities, and our growth, are very exciting, but it is absolutely reliant upon the talented people we have as McKinley team members. I invite you to ask yourselves what you are interested in doing next - what could you be doing above and beyond your current responsibilities? These conversations you have with your supervisors and HRD partners are super critical to our growth. Take an active role in your personal development today - your future is only limited by your willingness to invest in yourself!

Please send me your questions and comments on my message, your feedback is very important to me.

Thanks everyone!