Andrea, Diane, Jeanette and Allia are McKinley!

March 4, 2012

Dear McKinley Family,

Collection results are on a significant upswing this month in our Owned Portfolio. We have some really nice turnarounds throughout Michigan, with three outstanding CSMs delivering near record results for their communities: Andrea Summers at Schooner Cove (99.6%), Diane Steeg at The Villas (97.24%), and Jeanette Kearny at Evergreen (98.4%). Andrea, Diane and Jeanette are truly McKinley superstars!

We have a fourth CSM that is responsible for our most dramatic turnaround. Allia Grove has been our CSM at The Barrington for exactly one year this week. Recently Dan Martin took the lead to make some very positive changes, and with those changes Allia has assumed an over the top, empowered and enthusiastic attitude toward her goals. Dan says her positive engagement with residents has skyrocketed they love her!

Everyday, Allia speak with residents on the phone. Everyday, Allia knocks on doors. Everyday, she communicates with residents through letters and email. And throughout everyday, Allia checks in with Dan to see how much her much her collection percentage has risen. She has been in constant celebration mode for over a month now and the results are truly impressive. She glows and exudes McKinley!

Allia ends February with a record at The Barrington, collecting at 97.6%! Next month she will be knocking on the door of 99%!

Andrea, Diane, Jeanette and Allia are McKinley!