Applying at McKinley

What is the best way to express interest in a job?

​In order to ensure your resume is routed to the appropriate recruiter, please follow the 'how to apply' instructions at the end of the posting.

How often is the job database updated?

The job database is updated constantly. Whenever a position becomes available, it is posted immediately online. If a position is filled and the opportunity is no longer available you will no longer see it on our website.

How do I know if you received my resume?

You will receive a confirmation email after you submit an application. There will be a candidate survey at the end of it. Please take the time to tell us about your experience! 

While viewing the job opportunity listings, I saw a position that would be perfect for one of my friends. How can I refer my friend?

To refer a friend, simply click the button at the bottom of the job listing and you can email the job to your friend.

How long is my resume active?

Your resume remains active in our database for a minimum of six months. As new positions become available that you are qualified for, you are welcome to apply for those positions as well.

After submission of my resume, what would be the next step and how would I find out my resume status?

​Due to the large volume of resumes received for employment opportunities, a McKinley recruiter will only contact those applicants that are invited to participate in the interview process. This contact generally takes place within 1-2 weeks after the position is posted. When you submit your resume, you will have the opportunity to create an account in our system. You will be able to log in and check the status of the applications you have made using that account.

My resume is already on file with the HR Department. Can the recruiter use the resume on file for the opportunity?

Yes! However, you are welcome to update that resume as needed. You may also apply for more than one position.

I am a current employee of McKinley. How do I apply for a new position? 

At McKinley, we like to consider internal applicants. Please refer to your employee handbook and talk to your HR partner or supervisor for more details.


Job Opportunities at McKinley

What types of job opportunities does McKinley have available?

Because we are a property management company, we are looking for a broad range of experience and education. Following are examples of the types of careers at McKinley:

  • Maintenance
  • Sales & Leasing
  • Property Management
  • Customer Service
  • Regional & Corporate Leadership
  • Asset Management

Does McKinley have part-time jobs available?

Alternative work arrangements such as part-time employment are offered. Please take some time to review our  current opportunities, where you have the ability to search by specific position or location.

Does McKinley have job opportunities outside the U.S.?

McKinley’s property management portfolio currently does not offer opportunities outside of the United States.

How would I find out if McKinley has an internship program?

McKinley recognizes that real world experience is invaluable in meeting career goals and aspirations. Our interns perform at a highly energized pace. From day one as an intern with McKinley, you will learn what it takes to successfully operate in a property management company and acquire highly marketable skills and experience. You are welcome to call us at 734-769-8520 to inquire about intern opportunities.

Do you offer seasonal positions?

Yes! We have seasonal positions, usually May through September, at our residential properties located in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan!

What types of positions do you have available?

Since McKinley is a property management company, we look for a broad range of experience and education. A few examples of careers at McKinley include Management, Maintenance and Sales!


Training Opportunities at McKinley

What kinds of training opportunities does McKinley provide?

McKinley supports and encourages professional development. Take a look at our Training and Development page for more information.

Does McKinley offer educational assistance?

​Yes! McKinley helps pay tuition for approved courses at accredited institutions of post-secondary education and state licensed vocational schools. The purpose of the program is to allow employees to prepare for other opportunities with McKinley and to further develop in their current positions.


Benefits at McKinley!

What types of benefits are offered to full-time McKinley employees?

​McKinley offers a comprehensive wellness-based PPO plan through Cigna.  In addition to medical & prescription drug coverage, McKinley offers dental, vision, and life/disability coverage.  Employees may elect any of the coverage options that best suit their needs.  McKinley employees are also eligible for a number of additional perks and discounts.

What types of benefits are offered to part-time McKinley employees?

​McKinley’s part-time employees are eligible for paid time off, our 401k retirement plan, and a number of additional perks and discounts.

Does McKinley offer retirement benefits?

McKinley offers a tax qualified 401(k) plan, including a Roth 401(k) option.  Full and part-time employees are automatically enrolled in our 401(k) plan after 6 months of service.

Does McKinley offer paid holidays and paid time off?

McKinley encourages a healthy work/life balance through a generous paid time off program. In addition, to PTO, all full-time and part-time benefits eligible employees enjoy 8.5 paid holidays per year!