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12 Benefits of Living in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Looking for reasons to begin living in Ann Arbor, Michigan? Aside from being voted one of the most desirable cities in the nation on multiple occasion, the benefits of living in Ann Arbor, Michigan range from the educational (excellent colleges) to the lighthearted (a great night life). Our team at McKinley Apartments put together this piece outlining the top 12 benefits of living in Ann Arbor if you’re considering a move to this one-of-a-kind city. We are dedicated to not only showing you the best Ann Arbor apartments, but the best parts of this city, as well.

Wondering if Ann Arbor is a Nice Place to Live? Check Out Their Access to Excellent Education

Ann Arbor is centrally located near the best schools and universities in the entire state of Michigan. From the University of Michigan right in town to the best high schools in the state found within the surrounding area, education is a major priority to Ann Arbor locals. Meanwhile, other chances for culture and learning in the area abound—including the soon-to-be reopened Smithsonian National Museum of Aviation and Technology.

If learning is an important part of your everyday life (or the lives of your children), Ann Arbor can’t be beat as a spot to live.

picture of University of Michigan, a perk of living in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Community Passion for the Arts

Do you have a love of the arts? You’ll be right at home in Ann Arbor, which features some of the longest-running arts festivals in the world—making artistic culture one of the top benefits of living in Ann Arbor. Their local arts and crafts fair has been running for 70 years, and it’s not the only one. In fact, three separate arts fairs take place throughout the year and bring in half a million visitors every year.

In the nearby region, opportunities are even more plentiful. Even big-names like actor Jeff Daniels have found their way into the arts scene by opening local theatres in the surrounding area.

A Book-Lover’s Paradise

Bookstore and library culture is alive and well in Ann Arbor, with a range of beautiful bookstores offering the perfect places to escape for a while and browse everything from new releases to rare and vintage books.

Literati is a three-floor bookstore with a locally owned coffee shop occupying one floor and the rest filled with books of all kinds. They host regular events, too, from book signings to community gatherings. Other local bookstores include West Side Book Shop, which focuses on rare books, and Vault at Midnight, which focuses on comic books. Meanwhile, Ann Arbor’s District Library is consistently ranked among the best in the country.

What’s It Like to Live in Ann Arbor? Embracing the Great Outdoors!

Ann Arbor ranks extremely highly when it comes to what city rating sites call ‘Walkability’, or the ability to get around easily by walking. Meanwhile, the Huron River runs directly through the center of the city, offering kayaking, fishing, and sunbathing—activities you usually won’t find right in the middle of a city. The city is also filled with meandering trails, forests, hills, and tons of parks for every neighborhood. If you want to have a small city experience without losing sight of nature, living in Ann Arbor, Michigan is perfect for you.

Huron River is a great benefit of living in ann arbor, michigan
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Sports Lovers, Rejoice

Whatever sport you love to follow, Ann Arbor has you covered. The city features the Michigan Wolverines football team, one of the best in the nation, as well as basketball, baseball, softball, and hockey. You’ll also be able to check out matches of teams in the AFC, a newly minted soccer league comprising of teams around the Midwest who often play against each other in the area around Ann Arbor.

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Delicious Food Around Every Corner

Check out this stat— there are more restaurants per person in Ann Arbor than there are in any other city in the entire United States. That includes restaurant havens like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. That means you’re guaranteed to find a favorite spot (or multiple spots) that cater to your exact foodie preferences, cuisines, and price range. Whether you’re looking for high-end fare from world-class chefs or local dives with that one comfort dish that always has your back, Ann Arbor has a food culture that’s quite literally unlike any other in the country.

cafe in ann arbor, another benefit of living in ann arbor michigan

Great Brews with Great Friends

No mass-market beers and off-the-shelf brews here. Ann Arbor is all about the small batch, artisan brew and cocktail vibe, and it’s turned the city into a haven for lovers of artisanal drinks. You’ll find unique cocktail bars at spots like The Last Word and Raven’s Club, incredible fine wines at Morgan & York (plus delicious food), and plenty of distilleries and breweries. These include the Ann Arbor Brewing Company, a two-decade-old institution that offers a great menu and plenty of handcrafted brews developed in their solar powered facility.

Fresh Food at Weekly Markets

One of the benefits of living in Ann Arbor is its thriving market scene, because what’s a city without its weekly food markets? Ann Arbor has them in spades, including the Ann Arbor’s Farmer’s Market which features produce and dishes as well as arts and crafts from local farmers, creators, and artists.

World-Class Medical Care

Did you know that Ann Arbor is home to some of the highest rated medical care in the nation? Michigan Medicine has been given flawless marks from organizations like the Leapfrog Group which gives out Hospital Safety Score ratings to medical institutions. Meanwhile, the city’s health system as a whole is ranked nationally in a range of specialties. If healthcare matters to you, and it should, Ann Arbor is tough to beat.

Even More Reasons to Live in Ann Arbor: Festivals, Festivals, Festivals

The annual film festival. The summer festival. Kerrytown Book Fest. Taste of Ann Arbor. EdgeFest. Festifools. The Apples and Honey Fall Festival. We could go on and on. Ann Arbor is a city that loves its festivals, and that means that no matter your interest, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests.

whats it like to live in ann arbor? fesitvals and dancing!

A City with a Soundtrack

Remember how we mentioned that there are more restaurants per person in Ann Arbor than anywhere in the world? The music scene is a lot like that. There are so many music venues for a range of styles, your problem won’t be finding live music—it will be choosing which live venue to head to on a given night. The Ark, for example, boasts over 300 nights of live music per year. Meanwhile, venues like Hill Auditorium, Michigan Theater, and the Power Center offering local and nationally touring acts for you to check out.

Become Part of a Movement 

One of our favorite benefits of living in Ann Arbor, Michigan goes beyond events, places to eat, or music venues. The best part of Ann Arbor is the profound sense of local pride its citizens feel. There’s a reason it’s been voted the best city in America in multiple publications—people love living here, and they show it. Few places in the country combine the small-town local pride with a bustling city feel, and Ann Arbor nails that balance unlike anywhere in the world.

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